Performance-based pay, refer to a compensation system where your bonus is tied to your individual performance. In other words, you are rewarded based on how well you perform in your job, rather than just your job title or tenure.

Training programs and courses that are provided to our employees. These training programs are usually designed to improve your skills, knowledge, and performance in your current role, and may include courses on job-specific skills or technical skills.

Chances or possibilities for you to advance your career within our organization, typically by moving up to higher positions or taking on greater responsibilities. This can include opportunities for promotions, leadership positions, or specialized roles within the company.

Program that provides rewards or benefits to you voluntarily in certain activities or behaviors that are aligned with the goals or objectives of our organization.

Your ability to make decisions and take actions without undue constraints or restrictions. It is the degree to which you are able to exercise your own will and make choices that align with our company values and goals, without external forces limiting your options. However, it is important to recognize that freedom to act must be balanced with responsibilities and obligations to the company, and with the need to respect its values.

Current Job-Offers:

  • Civil Engineering (m / f) for independently planning and implementation of construction projects (managerial responsibility)


  • Reinforced concrete construction workers
    (m / f)


  • Excavator driver (m / f)

When beginning your new career at ACC, experienced colleagues will accompany you with their expertise and experience during the first weeks. They will help you to quickly familiarise yourself with and integrate into your new work environment. We are convinced that the potential of every individual only really blossoms in a team environment, when the team stands together.

We regard multicultural diversity as a big opportunity and as an important part of our company culture. That’s why all our activities are marked by equality and respect. We value every single employee as an important factor for our mutual success. We see ourselves as a big family in which performance is expected and, in turn, we take care of each of our staff. In our company a safe work environment and accident prevention at all our construction sites is top priority.

Please feel addressed and if you are reliable and responsible then send us your mail or ring us up for your application. Your minimum language capabilities should be either English or German. Your willingness to travel is a basic requirement at ACC.